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Ecoworld Rhodopes Association organizes youths under Erasmus + program for youth exchange in Latvia on a sports theme

logosbeneficaireserasmusright_enThe “Sports for inclusion” project is from the partner organization RASIO PERESPECTIVA Latvia.

The participants in the youth exchange are from Latvia, Romania, Spain, Lithuania, Turkey, Bulgaria, the Netherlands.

The main objective of the project is to involve and inspire young people to become more open to sports and other outdoor activities instead of staying bored at home, playing video games and not being active. Every young person that lives in the EU has special abilities and has equal rights, but we haven’t the same chance to develop our skills. We want to promote sport as a method for promoting cultural learning and social inclusion through sport. We can promote sport as tool for improvement the adaptive social skills. The sport is perfect way to integrate youth with fewer opportunities in the society and youth community. That seems sport is innovative method to break many stereotypes and prejudices especially about youth with fewer opportunities.

Objectives of the project
 To promote inter cultural learning through sports and the role of the sport as a tool for integration of youth
 To involve more deeply youth into sport through non-formal methods and promote social inclusion through sports
 To develop social and creative skills of youth through sports



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